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This information often concerns the employee’s years of

Originally from Yola, Nigeria, Gambo studied sociology and anthropology before becoming a photographer and visual artist. In 2015, she began shooting what would become Education is Forbidden, a visual document of students who were experiencing the terror of the conflict. Gambo visited three schools and three universities in the Adamawa and Borno regions that had been attacked by Boko Haram militants..

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Canada Goose online Photographer Tim Flach is trying to bring imperiled species and the threats they face eye to eye with an audience estranged from nature in his new book Endangered. “The romanticizing, free, wild images [of animals] weren’t necessarily getting people to take action,” Flach says. “I wanted to think about what kind of images people engage in and how you tell a story to get people to connect to [the animal].” Canada Goose online.

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